Album Review | MaJiKer - The House Of Bones

MaJiKer - The House Of Bones 
When you think about it, Halloween has either inspired or inherited some devilishly good music. Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Mussorgsky's Night On The Bare Mountain, Ozzy Osbourne's Bark At The Moon or even Jacko's Thriller - all have their place on the night of the living dead. And that's before you even get to Alice Cooper.
To this vivid canon can be added the new album from MaJiKer - who sounds nothing like any of the above. The House Of Bones is a song cycle inspired by a number of sources, principally haunted house films of the 1940s, ghost stories and rich examples of Norse mythology. It bridges the divide between modern songwriting and the classic musical literature from before those haunted house movies, bringing in a frisson of Kurt Weill and Hans Eisler.

Album Review | Florence And The Machine - Ceremonials

Florence And The Machine - Ceremonials 
Florence Welch has always been bigger than her band. On stage the Machine works efficiently in the shadows while Flo, usually resplendent in something flowing and ephemeral, copper wild locks a blazing, sounds, looks and acts every inch the superstar.

It works because you can't take your eyes off Florence and her band create the perfect aural backdrop to her posturing and vocal prowess.

You'll be pleased to hear then that, on this, their second album, Florence And The Machine have decided to go all out. Ceremonials is grander, more upbeat and ambitious than Lungs. It sounds like the band have caught up with their leader and gone big and Florence, siren like, is entrancing throughout, leading her charges into a conflict with her demons that can only have one winner.


Album Review | Five Finger Death Punch


American Capitalist
Producers: Kevin Churko, Five Finger Death Punch
Prospect Park Records
Release Date: Oct. 11 

Album Review | Girls, 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost'


"Father, Son, Holy Ghost"
Producers: Doug Boehm, JR White, Christopher Owens
True Panther/Matador
Release Date: Sept. 13

Album Review | Justice ,Video, Audio, Disco

Video, Audio, Disco
Producers: Gaspard Auge, Xavier de Rosnay
Ed Banger/Because/Elektra
Release Date: Oct. 24